Unstatus Luxury
More Than
Just A Story

Let yourself be tempted by a Luxury Book.

An Opulent Investment

Unstatus Luxury ™  is the first-ever company that offers luxury books that are made using the best quality paper, diamonds, gold, and precious stones to create a unparalleled reading experience.

Many VIPs turn to us to buy an original product like our luxury books. For some of them, we also create customized editions with photos and biographies. Our books are the best investment!

Unstatus Luxury

Luxury Books, The Perfect Addition

Unstatus Luxury™ is the first company to produce books worth 1 million dollars on the market. From the meeting of the best paper, diamonds, gold, and precious stones, unique books come to life that are real jewels to read, admire, and, most importantly, to leave to the future generations.

We are happy to share that we graciously donate a portion of our profits from each book sale to a variety of charitable organizations.

Diamond Business Cards

Our company was also the first in the world to launch on the market the line “diamonds business cards.” Being unique also means having something special like a diamond business card, this is the best way to introduce yourself to people and amaze them right away.


Embellished with Jewels

Each of our products are garnished with jewels and precious stones and a wide selection of certified diamonds in all shapes and sizes. If you already have a book or a collection of photos and want to make it a jewel, speak with one of our representatives and elevate your creation to the next level!