About Us

Creator of Luxury Books

The CEO and President of Unstatus Luxury ™ and from his passion for the careful design and books, he was the first in the world to create and launch luxury books, luxury business cards and the 1 MILLION dollars book on the market.

From the experience of the President and the Vice President came the idea of creating a company capable of producing unique products for a refined audience. Over time, the company has grown to ship its products all over the world.


Innovative Books

A family-owned business, Unstatus Luxury™ is distinguished for its innovative books, craftsmanship to delivering timeless, exquisite pieces to Hollywood stars and sophisticated people.

Best-Selling Book

Emiliano Forino Procacci is the acclaimed author of the best-selling book "A World Without Emotions," which was the first luxury book marketed.


Books for Refined Audience

Who are our customers? Are all those who still get excited if they smell the paper and appreciate the careful design of a timeless piece that has accompanied the history of humanity for centuries and transmits knowledge. Our customers love to leaf through a book made of real paper and collect unique pieces that are part of a LIMITED EDITION.