Frequently Asked Questions

For large amounts and upon request, our representatives will create a personalized payment plan and give you different payment options.

Your credit card will be charged once you complete your order.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and money orders denominated in US dollars.

Depend on the item. Generally, the order is shipped within 8 to 10 days unless otherwise noted.
We can expedite your order upon request, and if we can do that, we are more than happy to satisfy our customers.

In certain states, we are required by law to charge sales taxes.

We ship our products worldwide, and based on the shipment destination, the price may vary. If you are outside the U.S., please contact our customer service, and we’ll calculate for you the shipping costs.

Our products are handcrafted and are made according to customer specifications. Just like a plant that requires care and love to grow, our books are made with attention to every little detail. Since these are handcrafted objects, the return is not contemplated unless the object arrives damaged to the customer. In that case, we will replace it.

Based on the type of order received, a traceable and safe shipment will be made. In the case of orders over a certain amount, one of our representatives could personally deliver the product.

Many VIPs turn to us to buy an original product like our luxury books, for some of them, we also create customized editions with photos and biographies.
If you already have a book or a collection of photos and want to make it a jewel, speak with one of our representatives and elevate your creation to the next level!

Proposition 65 is a right to know the law that entitles California citizens to warnings for products containing chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive harm. As part of our comprehensive product safety program, we are committed to full compliance with this law.
For more information about Proposition 65, visit the website: Visit Proposition 65

Our luxury books are created to withstand several years and still retain their shine. We recommend to remove the book from their box as soon as you receive it and to put it in a climate-controlled environment free of humidity, far from the sunlight. Display your luxury book vertically or horizontally but not leaning it on angles in order to preserve the right shape and once in a while just remove the dust with a dry soft duster.

For further questions you may have, please contact our customer service